CLIF Bar: Nut Butter Filled

Nut Butter Filled launch campaign

To help CLIF Bar launch the first energy bar filled with creamy nut butters, we first had to stop laughing about saying "nut butters". That out of the way, we sought the assistance of nature's foremost nut authorities. They were interested. In retrospect, probably far too interested.



The ol' 'Look! There's a squirrel on your screen!' gag is only funny until your Nut Butter Filled bar goes missing.


The Nut Butter Filled bar is made with energy-packed nuts to bring you the outdoors.
In return, we've used our energy to bring you nuts that make the outdoors. 



4MM clicks to (10 times the average click thru rate) and 420MM impressions (including $340K in bonus media impressions).  

YouTube takeover was the highest impact effort in CLIF’s history resulting in an 18% lift in purchase intent, and an 11% lift in ad awareness.