Columbia: Directors of Toughness

Director of Toughness: a one-year job (seriously ... a legit W-2 and everything) helping Columbia test gear in the nastiest corners of the globe. After creating and staffing the position in its inaugural year, we decided the applicants had gotten off easy. So this time, we made sure job-seekers understood the position's rigors, starting with the interview itself. Whether HR meetings happened at 8,000 ft. on the side of Mt. Hood or after kayaking across New York Harbor, all would-be Directors of Toughness were put through the wringer well before we presented one lucky pair with their Columbia key cards.

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Mt. Hood Interview

Isle of Skye Interview

NYC Interview, full

Ontario, CA interview, full

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“This year’s Directors of Toughness campaign has more than doubled the social media results of season 1, driving more than 200 million editorial impressions, and millions of views on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Overall, our Directors of Toughness campaign is driving nearly 1 billion annual medial impressions."  

Tim Boyle, Columbia Sportswear CEO